Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bully Book Review: "Why I oughtta MAKE you read....."

The Education of Little Tree by: Forest Carter

This is the book I have recommended to 3 different people this week, and that's saying something, since it has been 5 or 6 years since I last read it. It still lingers in my mind like the remembrance of a good, not embarrassingly intimate, yet cozy conversation with a dear friend. My husband, Aaron, finally got around to reading it, after my constant bullying, and even read one of the chapters aloud to me. Just one chapter brought back my unshakable sense of what a prize this book is. Just a warning to any naysayers out there: it is vulnerable to your naysaying both in title and opening...this book dazzles sloooowly. In order to savor the home-grown flavors of this story you have to be willing to walk along with the characters for a spell or two, as if you are on the Southern Appalachian mountain trails with Grandfather. Ok, I won't say anymore, for I fear I'm only going to scare off anyone already uncertain about the merits of a book with no readily apparent frills or thrills. Just READ IT...ok? Or I'll steal your lunch money.


  1. Well, where can one acquire this book?

  2. there is only one method: YOU HAVE TO STEAL IT! from a BABY!!

  3. You did have me read this book, in fact you gave me a copy, and I treasure it! i loved the book as you said I would, so here is to you Whitni - the speaker of truth!